Becoming part of the whole

Becoming “temporary manager” in industry and plant construction can involve restructuring other companies’ classic building operations, setting up new departments or founding entire new companies. We know what counts.

Different interim management models are possible:

If a suitable manager, project or branch leader cannot be found, our wealth of experience and intense familiarization with the job at hand would allow us to fill this vacancy until a candidate has been found. We can also help you find and select the right person for the job.

When a company hits a rocky patch or has become a member of a new combined company with different specifications, sensible changes have to be made quickly and on target. But the existing structures don’t always allow that. This requires sensitivity but a tough line of action. An external company may find this easier as they do not have preconceived ideas and are not involved in insider relationships.

Based on our extensive work in turnaround, building up business and change management, we are available for limited projects. The specification may call for implementing concrete financial or structural goals as well as preparing for a smooth take-over by another business manager.

Apart from classic interim management on the expert or management level, we can also take over coaching functions e.g. when a team has to be embedded into another project or company. We can accompany the project perceptively for a set time period and support the integration with our expert understanding and knowledge. This allows you to fill any eventual gaps and reduces the level of tension from the start.