Building in clean room conditions poses special challenges for project managers and requires across the board experience in nearly all-technical fields.

Similar to photovoltaic, semiconductors require an even more complex infrastructure as toxic gases; chemicals, fluids and ultrapure water are used in such plants. Recycling the waste material is just as complex as the production machines are extremely prone to oscillation, magnetic fields, contamination and dirt.

European Headquarters

A large Japanese clean room equipment maker wanted a site near Düsseldorf on which to build their European headquarters for marketing and development and that met their high demands. This was challenging because tramlines were disrupting the magnetic fields. Special building measures such as damped oscillation, magnetic fields, clean room conditions were agreed based on the client’s requirements and was examined by experts afterwards.

The project was successfully handed over to the customer as part of a Design & Build contract i.e. planning, permits and executions. We achieved this goal by adhering to all the demands on clean room conditions. They had to be in place in order to demonstrate the distribution, newly developed production machines and apparatus in the semiconductor sector at the client’s request and under the highest laboratory standards.

Extending the clean room during operation

A well-known international semiconductor manufacturer in Bavaria needed to have their class 1 clean room extended without interrupting production, and this was done successfully. The challenge was to avoid contaminating the production equipment or the clean room production, as this would have caused a loss of several million euros in just a few days. Our vast experience in precisely this sector helped us to avoid this and hand over the project successfully. That included separating work areas and keeping to the plant’s strict screening airlock procedure for all tools, materials and persons as well as constantly supervising craftsmen there.