Requirements for the allocation of data center space are getting

more and more complex.  Reasons for that are the continuously increasing demand for power and electricity as well as the data centre construction boom, which has been on a high and accelerating level since years.

This situation causes various challenges for urban planners, data centre operators and environmental protection


Due to the proceeding digitalization the demand for data centres particularly in metropolises is increasing permanently and developable real estate is getting more and more lean and expensive. Beyond that the cooling of data centres adds to the significantly rising of urban temperature and the urban carbon footprint. Furthermore, energy providers are facing serious problems: the evaporation cooling of data centres requires huge amounts of water and power. Due to the technically needed long lead time energy supplier are often struggling to provide it in time.

 AS Enterprise delivers project management and -controlling for data centres operators and building and executing companies. We accomplished for example the finalization of data centres in the Netherlands for various clients. AS Enterprise managed the project team of an executing general contractor and took over the primarily responsibility of the complete project management.

IIn Germany AS Enterprise has executed different projects for our data centre clients concerning the completion of the building of new, or the expansion or supplementation of existent data centres. Furthermore, we developed master plans in order to


guarantee further extension for data centre operators.


Low temperature heat utilization

The described problems in modern cities require sustainable solutions in order to guarantee reliable power supply and to delimit the urban warming. Basing on the achieved data centre know-how AS Enterprise has developed a convertible concept for the utilization of the waste heat in data centers for urban district heating systems.

Our approach is to separate the waste heat without significant costs for data centre operators and to use it for the heating of new and established buildings.

Thus, consumption costs as well as urban warming could be reduced significantly in the long term. The idea is not to build on existing nets like to date, but to establish and to run a new low temperature district heating net (NTWT) which can be used efficiently in future for the complete decarbonization.

AS Enterprise Engineering GmbH is currently working on concrete realizable projects for a data centre operator at different locations in Frankfurt. The execution and the operation will be carried out with different partners. This happens in collaboration with the city planning, municipal energy department, the energy provider and the data centre operator. We are expecting the realization of the first project in 1,5 years and the subsequent initiation of further projects.

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