AS Enterprises prides itself on a particular talent: And that is in-depth knowledge of the Dutch market thanks to our manager, Arno Schlicksupp, who spent many years in the Netherlands. At present, AS Enterprise is also managing projects there. We are at home in Germany and the Netherlands and are fully fluent in both languages. That has many bonuses: Proficiency in both languages, cultural understanding and familiarity with work ethics and the Dutch way of thinking allows us to put ourselves in their situation without ever losing sight of the German perspective. That is a boon as time is saved and solutions can be found quickly and effectively.

The subtle differences of language and culture play a key role in German-Benelux business relations. Precisely because our Benelux partners often have a good command of the German language, but are not always fully aware of the business and legal practices – and the same applies to their German business partner in the reverse situation – tension and misunderstanding can occur occasionally. Awareness of cultural distinctions, knowledge of the respective contract law as well as the ability to speak the language without an accent opens doors and avoids misunderstandings. That saves a lot of time and bother and can hasten the success of the project or lead to a business take-over.

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