Arno Schlicksupp founded AS Enterprise. He and his staff have made it their business to support companies with project or interim management at home and abroad. All available capacities are used and implemented as efficiently as possible. During assignments as project leader or manager for a client, all efforts are made to include every capacity available on site to keep costs down. Apart from that, optimum sustainable planning of energy and resources is a top priority in each project. When leadership is limited to a certain period of time, then our staff are keen to swiftly become part of the entire project. Flexibility in terms of time and geography play a great role for the entire AS Enterprise team.

The difference lies in the value we place on customer empathy and the ability to understand your needs. We emphasise intercultural skills and competence in international project or interim management. Thanks to decades of experience in many countries the world over, and especially to many years of personal and professional experience in the Netherlands, we have made a name for ourselves there.

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