Arno Schlicksupp has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies, he focused on alternative energy and energy saving systems as well as ecological building systems. Parallel to working on the job, he expanded his business management skills and knowledge of commerce as part of a postgraduate course in applied economics. Prior to founding AS Enterprise, Arno Schlicksupp was assigned by companies to work in project and interim management and has decades of experience in this field. As project manager in the semiconductor sector, he was responsible among others for building and expanding a new Wafer factory. In the industrial building sector, he managed among others a project to expand a chemical production site, public utilities and a coal-fired power station. In the solar energy sector, he co-ordinated the construction of a solar cell network and advised an urban planning firm on restructuring and how to equip itself for the international market.

As general manager, he restructured a branch of an international general contractor’s company making it more competitive and profitable. In his capacity as manager in Luxembourg, he set up a general company for a Dutch property investor, which meant executing a residential, business, shopping project worth several million euro. He and his team put decades of international experience to work in their assignments from builders, general contractors and construction companies.

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