International Competence in Industry and Plant Construction

Companies are facing more and more challenges. And those who wish to remain competitive need competent minds - people who think in overall economic contexts and at every level. This requirement cannot always be covered in-house either because the level of know how is not available or because the capacities are needed elsewhere.

We offer you, the client, general contractor or the construction company, external support. It can be selective or permanent depending on your needs. Thanks to our decades of experience in project and interim management, we can get to the core of your issues quickly and your assignment soon becomes our mission.

We are at home on many global markets and offer national and international competence in industry and plant construction. Our expertise is highly regarded especially in power plant construction and in the regenerative energy sector as well as in the semiconductor and in the solar energy field.


”Knowledge is the most decisive production factor of our time. And management is the art of making this knowledge productive. Knowledge alone does not bring anything about – it is merely potential.”

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, St. Gallen